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The Winning Mindset for Fitness (and Life) Success

I had a pretty negative start to my fitness journey. My relationship with my body at the age of 14, when I joined my first gym, was not one of love or compassion. It was very far from those things. I didn’t like how my body looked, how it moved, or how it felt. I didn’t start exercising because I loved my body. I started because I hated it. It took me several years to stop associating exercise and nutrition with punishment, my morality, or as “buy-in” for eating certain foods.

In this video, I share with you the mindset that finally helped me get consistent results with my physique, my training, and my overall mental and physical wellness. I talk about this mindset as it relates to fitness/ nutrition/ wellness because I’m a fitness coach, but I really believe it’s a winning mindset to approach any situation in life.

I also share with you a tactic I learned through my Precision Nutrition coaching certification called the Clean Slate Method. Take a look at this week’s video to learn all about it!

Comment below your biggest take away from this week’s video on mindset!

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