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How to Register for an Intuitive Strength Virtual Fitness Class!

I'm excited you'd like to train with me! This post is the step by step process for signing up for virtual classes on my website. If you experience any issues after following these instructions, please hit the chat button on my website or email me so I can help!

BUT FIRST! Did you get your free 7-day trial?!? I offer everyone 7 days completely free to try as many classes as they'd like! Hit the website chat button or shoot me an email at to set up your free trial today! I'll email you a training waiver and give you a unique promo code that will be valid for any virtual class for 7 days. This promo code is only valid for group sessions.

Book from your Desktop:

1. Head to Click on "Book" on the top menu bar on the home page.

2. Under the "LIVE Virtual Fitness Traning" tab you will see all the class options available. Select "Book now" next to the class you'd like to book.

3. Select the date and time you'd like to take the class on the calendar.

4. On the right-side menu bar, you will see options to pay for a drop-in class for $10 or purchase a pricing plan. For virtual group classes, I offer a 5 pack of classes for $45, or an unlimited monthly class subscription for $99/ month (no contracts, cancel at any time). Select the option you want and hit next.

5. If you select a training plan, you will be prompted to set up a website account on the next screen to keep track of your classes. If you chose the drop-in option, you will be asked for your name and email address. Make sure to use the email where you would like the class link sent. This is the email I will be using!

6. After you enter your information, you will be prompted to enter your payment information. Any major debit/ credit card or PayPal account can be used for payment. Select Pay Now after you enter.

7. You are now registered for class! You will receive a confirmation email about your booking. Again, I will send out the class link to the same email 20 minutes before the class begins!

Book from the Intuitive Strength Mobile App:

YES! There is an IS mobile app through Wix (my website provider)! Here's the link to download it:

1. The schedule should be the first tab you see when you sign into the IS mobile app.

2. Select the class date and time you'd like to attend by clicking "book now."

3. Follow the prompts for payment!

If you experience any issues with the class sign up process, let me know by either using the chat feature on my website, or sending me an email at

I'll see you in class!

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