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How to Have a Great Virtual Training Experience

Intuitive Strength Virtual Training Sessions are here!!! IS is now offering LIVE group fitness classes and private training sessions through Zoom video conferencing software. That means that I can coach you in real-time through your workout, provide on-the-spot feedback and modifications to exercises, and give you that extra accountability and encouragement you need to get your workouts done and dusted! I am excited to train with you LIVE remotely from where ever you are.

I want to make sure that you get the most out of our training together, whether you choose to join a class or train together privately, so I've laid out 5 simple steps for how to have an amazing experience with virtual coaching. I've applied these tips to my coaching services, but they can also be applied to any live virtual session you choose to take!

1. Register Early.

For IS Virtual classes, I recommend registering at least an hour before the class. This will guarantee you get on the email list with the Zoom class link. I send the class link and the equipment needed for the class via email about 20 minutes before the class starts. Waiting to sign up any less than 20 minutes before the class will not guarantee access to the class, simply because I might not see your sign up in time! Registering one hour ahead will prevent this from happening.

2. Have your equipment (if applicable) ready to go!

In the class link email, I will also include a note about any equipment you'll need for your workout that day. Take the few minutes before class starts to get it handy so it's ready to go when we need it!

3. Set up your camera for a full-body shot, if possible.

The great thing about live fitness classes and sessions is that I can coach you in real-time, but I can only do this if I can see you! Do your best to set up your camera so that I have a full shot of your entire body at all times. This way I can provide you with some great feedback!

4. Arrive early.

I send out the link to the class 20 minutes before the class starts and open up the "classroom" about 10 minutes before the class begins, letting everyone who registered for class into the room. Hopping on 5-10 minutes before the class gives us a little time to get situated and fix any technical issues before the class begins. It also gives us time to chat about any movement limitations you are concerned about. I am not admitting anyone into the class 4 minutes after the start time. It unfortunately disrupts the class and my ability to teach by having to walk up to the computer and let you in, and this is not fair to the other members in the class.

5. Get excited to move!

I explain the format of the class before we move so you know what to expect! I also give tons of cues and feedback along the way to ensure you're getting a safe, effective workout!

Ready to try a virtual class? Hit the chat button on my website or send me an email at to start your free 7 day trial! I'll see you in class!

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