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Unleash Your Inner Lifting Queen: How Successful Women Lifters Think & Act!

Women doing barbell step up in all black
Brie Ogletree

Ready to dive into the minds of successful women lifters and see what makes them rock their fitness game? It's not just about lifting weights or thinking positive thoughts; successful women lifters have a specific way of approaching their training from both a mental and behavioral perspective. So, grab your favorite workout gear, and let's explore the fantastic traits that'll have you crushing those fitness goals like a boss, no matter where you are on your journey!

Let’s first define what a successful lifter is. In my almost 20 years experience of training, coaching, and being immersed in the lifting world, a successful lifter is a woman who is consistent with her training over a long period of time, she consistently challenges herself in her workouts and lifts, and she gets what she wants out of her training, whether that’s adding 10 pounds to her deadlift or to simply feel incredible in her body.

Now let’s take a look at what successful women lifters are thinking and doing to hone all of this badassery!

She’s Consistent: Slaying It, Day After Day

Picture this: you wake up, conquer the day, and still find time to hit the gym even when life gets cray-cray. That's what consistent lifters do! We know you've got a ton on your plate, but showing up regularly is the secret sauce to making those gains and feeling like a superstar!

Successful women lifters find the time for their training in their busy schedules because they know it’s important for getting results and feeling their best.

Take Action: Look at the time you DO have within your schedule and plan your workouts around that. For some women, this may be 20-minute density or HIIT-style workouts. Other women may have more time for a traditional strength training workout. The first step is auditing your time and building your training plan from there.

She Embraces the Unfamiliar: Confidence in the Unknown

Feeling a bit uncertain about trying out that new lifting style or exercise? We've all been there, sis! But guess what? Embracing the unfamiliar is where the magic happens! So, flex those muscles, be a little daring, and remember, you're not just lifting weights; you’re challenging your mind and body to grow into a better version of yourself!

Successful lady lifters know that new movements or lifting styles will often feel shaky or awkward, but they’re willing to put in practice to learn new skills and become better movers.

Take Action: Try a new exercise or workout style that you’ve been dying to try but have been a little intimidated or nervous to. Embrace being new and commit to learning a new skill!

She Embraces Failure: Stepping Stones to Greatness

Failing is a part of the process honey! From getting a movement wrong to failing a rep. You’re definitely doing this lifting thing right if you are failing!

Listen, we all stumble and fall sometimes, even the most seasoned lifters. But here's the tea: successful women lifters don't let a little stumble trip them up for long. They embrace failures like a boss, learn from 'em, and come back stronger than ever.

Take Action: Go for that PR! Try that new exercise variation! Most importantly, dust yourself off when you have a setback (missed workout, failed PR, nutrition mishaps, etc…) and get right back to your plan.

Bring on the Feedback: She is a Queen of Growth

Who says you've got it all figured out? There's always room for growth, and that's why smart women lifters are open to feedback. Embrace those words of wisdom from your coaches and fellow lifters (as long as they’re a qualified source of advice!) to make your lifting even better. Sometimes we’re just too close to our own stuff, and an outside perspective could offer you some lifting gold.

Pssst…Some of my biggest breakthroughs in lifting have been a result of being open to feedback!

Take Action: Ask a qualified lifter or coach to take a look at a lift you’re working on or offer recommendations in an area of your training where you may be stuck.

She Gets Support

Who's got your back? Successful women lifters know that sometimes they can’t go it alone. They aren’t afraid to seek accountability and support in a motivating coach, lifting community, or gym bestie.

Take Action: Be honest with yourself. Have you been showing up in your workouts the way you know you can? If your efforts have been lackluster lately, consider hiring a coach, getting an accountability partner, or joining a lifting community to get you back on track towards your goals.

Always Leveling Up: She is a Queen of Progress

Repeat after me: "I am a queen of growth!" Whether you're a lifting newbie or a seasoned pro, never stop reaching for the stars! Keep those goals high, keep pushing yourself, and never forget that you're constantly evolving into an unstoppable force of nature!

Successful women lifters know that there is always something to work on and always something they can do to make their lifter even better.

Take Action: Look for opportunities to improve in every training session. Can you increase the weight, adjust your setup, or try a more challenging variation? Seek ways to get better!

She Embraces the Tough Days

Let's be real, some days are gonna feel hard for a variety of reasons. You may be dealing with something personally, physically not feeling your best, or just not mentally up for training.

Some training sessions you’re going to be able to give 110%, while other sessions may look more like 60… this is totally normal.

Regardless, badass lifters show up even when they don’t feel like it.

Showing up even when it feels like climbing Mt. Everest is how you unleash your inner strength! Embrace those tough days like a warrior; they're just part of your journey to greatness!

Take Action: Be okay with mediocre training days and show up even when you don’t feel like it. You won’t regret it.

So there you have it, the mindset of badass women lifters! You've got the power to conquer your fitness goals and show the world what a true lifting queen looks like. Stay consistent, embrace the unknown with confidence, learn from your oops moments, and surround yourself with your fitness tribe. You're growing, you're thriving, and you're a force to be reckoned with!

Now, let's chat! What do you think makes a successful lifter or exerciser? Drop your thoughts in the comments below or slide into my DMs on Instagram @brieogletree. It's time to lift each other up and unleash our unstoppable strength!

Disclaimer: This blog post is all about celebrating your awesomeness and empowerment! As with any fitness journey, remember to consult a fitness expert or healthcare professional before starting any exercise or training program. You got this, queen! 🌟

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