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The Biggest Fitness Mistakes I See Women Making

This week I talk about the most common mistakes I see women make in the pursuit of their fat loss or body composition goals. I've personally made all of them.

The biggest one that I had a very tough time letting go was focusing on doing a TON of cardio to achieve a leaner physique.

Logically, it seems to make sense... the more calories you expend the greater the caloric deficit, the more weight you lose. I took this logic and ran with it!

What I didn't take into account was the psychological and physiological effects all of that cardio would have on my mind and body.

Increased hunger and food cravings, check.

Obsession with "chasing the burn" and counting calories, check.

More than likely adrenal fatigue (although not officially diagnosed) which led to poor sleep and increased anxiety, check and check.

A combination of all of this often led to overeating and binging on food for me to find comfort or help offset the extreme caloric deficits I created with all the activity. Ultimately, this halted my fat loss/ body composition progress.

Through time, and some trial and error, I learned that I can maintain and relatively lean physique without all of the cardio madness, and that is part of what I hope to share with you today in the video.

Which mistake do you find yourself commonly making and how do you plan to improve it? Comment below after watching the video and let me know!

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