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Supplements 101: What I Wish I Knew Starting Out

The first supplement I ever took, besides a multi-vitamin, was a weight loss pill that I don't remember the name of.

I was a teenager.

Overweight, and very self-conscious in my own body, I was looking for anything just to feel better about myself as quickly as possible.

I remember the commercials on TV that showed the before and after "success stories". It all seemed so simple... just take the pills and lose the weight in a matter of weeks.

You can imagine my extreme disappointment when weeks passed and I had very little to show for it. I still don't know what was in those pills to this day, but I do remember how I felt when they didn't work. Manipulated, cheated, misled...

Have you had a similar experience with supplements?

The supplement industry is like the modern-day wild west; it's heavily UNregulated and can be tricky to navigate...

That's why I created this video!

I’m talking about everything I wish I knew about supplements at the beginning of my fitness journey. It would have saved me a lot of time, money, and frustration!

In the video you will learn:

(0:47) The definition of a supplement

(1:40) Supplement industry facts, faults, and misconceptions

(4:20) Why prioritizing food over supplements is so important

(8:06) How to DO YOUR RESEARCH! Find out what the supplement company you’re interested in is about! (morally, ethically, reputation, etc…)

(8:58) How to look for 3rd party supplement verification- actually get what you’re dishing out money for

(9:56) What to look for on the supplement label

(10:10) The (very short list) of supplements that may be worth trying

(20:55) - checking the efficacy of supplements

ALSO- I forgot to mention in the video that it is very important to check the interactions of the supplements you’re taking with any medications you’re currently prescribed. You should definitely discuss this with your doctor, but a great online resource for general information is The Merk Manual.

Did you like this video?? Comment below and let me know what your biggest takeaways!

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