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Meal Prep Options: There's More Than One Way to Prep!

When I was first introduced to the concept of meal prepping, I honestly only thought there was one way to do it; spend an entire Sunday in the kitchen preparing all of your meals for the week…

To me, that task sounded extremely daunting (I don’t enjoy cooking so much). I honestly don’t think I ever actually tried to do a weekly meal prep because of the huge time commitment and time spent in the kitchen upfront. For some people, this method may work great. For others, like me, I knew it just wasn’t going to work.

Today’s video lays out many options (I didn’t know I had early on my fitness journey) for planning and preparing nutritious meals ahead of time. It really all comes down to your lifestyle and how much time and money you’re willing to invest in planning/ creating your meals. Here are all the options discussed in the video:

Weekly Meal Prep- take one day to prep all meals for 6-7 days

Half Week Meal Prep- Prep 3-4 days worth of meals

Lifestyle Prep- prep only the meals you’ll eat while away from home (for most people this is lunch)

The Night Before Prep- prepping your meals for the next day the night before

The Morning of Prep- prepping your meals for the day the morning of

The Dinner Prep- Making a little extra for dinner the night before and taking some for lunch the next day

MealService/ Dinner Kit Prep- get everything you need to make nutritious dinner recipes delivered to your home

Prepared Meal Service- get meals already cooked and prepared for you

Which method most resonates with you? Let me know in the comments below!

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