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Lifting Exercises for Beginners

I had no idea where to start with lifting weights when I first started over 15 years ago as a very insecure teenager, but I started anyway. The most popular fitness magazines such as Hers Muscle & Fitness, Women’s Health, and Fitness RX were where I got my first lessons on strength training. I did learn a bit from these magazines, and following the workouts gave me some form of structure around working out. With these magazines, I pieced together my first training programs.

My hope with this week’s vlog is to provide the same structure to you to help you get started with strength training! I break down the five key types of exercises every training program should have as well as two recommendations on exercises for each to get started with. By the end of the video, you’ll have exactly what you’ll need to start with strength training!

Let me know your biggest takeaways on this episode in the comments below!

Want further guidance for putting your own training program together?


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