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Creating a Caloric Deficit without the Calorie Counting

I used to track my calories ALL THE TIME.

I was obsessed with how many calories I was burning in the gym as well as how many calories I was eating.

Calories consumed my life early in my fitness journey.

And when I wasn't tracking and monitoring every calorie in and out, I felt very out of control with my eating habits.

I became so frustrated with the amount of time I was spending tracking and counting, that I began seeking other methods of portion control and eating in a way that made me feel good.

The method I share with you today is a method I learned and now teach as a Precision Nutrition certified coach. It has simplified the whole process of eating for my goals and has freed me up from feeling tied down to tracking calories or macros.

I am the QUEEN of finding simpler ways to reach my goals, to include staying on track with my nutrition in a way that makes me feel good. Definitely watch this video if you're looking for an easier way to eat for your weight loss goals.

Like what you learned? Tell me your biggest takeaway in the comments below! I'd love to continue the conversation with you.

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