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Welcome to Thrive Coaching!🥳

I'm THRILLED you're here! Thrive Coaching is a supportive community of strong and empowered women who are committed to achieving their fitness goals WITHOUT restrictive diets or excessive exercise. Whether you're just getting started on your lifting journey or you're a seasoned lifter ready for some fresh guidance and workouts, you've got everything you need in this community to become your strongest, sexiest YOU in the most sustainable way possible! 

Below are some next steps to make sure you know where to find everything and what to expect in Thrive. If you can't find what you're looking for below, please reach out to us at for further assistance. 

I so look forward to connecting with you further and supporting you on this fun journey. Cheers to you and happy training! 

With love, 

Brie Ogletree


Your Workouts

Your workouts are loaded into your personal account on the IS Coaching app (Quick Coach) every month. Your account setup is currently a manual process and takes about 24 hours to get you up and running. Email us at if you don't receive a Quick Coach email with your account details. 


Thrive is a 3-day/week plan, and we follow the same training series for 4 weeks. I think this is just long enough for you to make progress with your lifts/ exercises and just short enough to avoid getting bored with your plan! You can record your progress right in your IS Coaching app account. 

There is a chance you have joined Thrive in the middle of a training block. All Thrive member accounts are renewed with new workout plans at the same time to keep everyone on the same page. You'll be notified in the group when we're getting ready for a new training block. Simply follow along with the workouts that are loaded until the new training plan is released.

The Thrive Lifting Crew

When you join Thrive, you gain access to a community of women with similar goals. We all gather in an exclusive group, The Thrive Lifting Crew, on the IS Coaching website. 

This group is a place to connect, share your wins, ask for coaching or feedback, and support one another as you become your strongest, sexiest you! It operates kind of like Facebook; you can post text, photos, and video. This is the best place to go for coaching from me outside of our monthly calls. 

You can get the Thrive Lifting Crew as an app on your phone by downloading the Fit by Wix app. Jump in and say HELLO!

Monthly Q&A Calls

Each month, we'll have a chance to hop on a call together for some LIVE Coaching! This is a great time to ask any questions you have about the program for some real-time feedback and coaching. 

All calls will be announced in the Lifting Crew ahead of time and there are replays for every call in the event you can't make it!

Exclusive Membership Content 

As a Thrive member, you get instant access to Lifting Confidence and Cardio Confidence. These programs can be found within the IS Coaching app (Fit by Wix) under Online Programs. 

Any additional member-only content can be found in The Lifting Crew group!

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