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it's time to create better workouts.

Thank you so much for grabbing my free strength training guide! 

Learning how to build muscle, strength, and to move well is a deep passion of mine. Strength training has transformed my life in so many ways, from building a leaner physique, to improving my self confidence, to helping fight off depression and anxiety. It is my mission to teach as many people as I can how to properly strength train because it has so many great benefits!

Here's what you'll find in this guide:

1. Fitness mindset and how to approach strength training.

2. Exercise selection: what movements to prioritize & a list of exercises to start with.

3. Exercise variability and guidelines: how much to train, how often, rep schemes, weight selection, rest periods, and how often to switch up your training.

4. Exercise progression: how to progress your training so that you continue to see progress.

5. Other considerations: how to warm up for your training sessions and equipment availability.

6. BONUS!: a sample strength training program. I want you to see what all of this would look like when put together. 

I really hope you find this guide helpful and it leads to many future gains in every sense of the word!

Please, please, please reach out to me with ANY questions you have. I am very active on Instagram, Facebook, and check my email regularly. 

I also love getting feedback! Let me know how your training is going, what else might be helpful in learning how to strength train, or any other fitness/ nutrition topics you'd love to learn more about! I'm all ears. 😊

Thank you again, and happy training!


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